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Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

Breast lifts and breast reductions are two common plastic surgeries used for breast enhancement. Breast lift surgery and breast reduction surgery are actually very similar operations. Both the breast lift and breast reduction surgeries strive to raise the overall position of the breast mound and both also will reposition or lift the nipple and areolar tissue to a higher and more youthful position on the breast mound. The major difference between a breast lift and breast reduction is that a breast reduction surgery will reduce the overall breast volume and make the breast mounds smaller. A breast lift does not necessarily require that any breast tissue be removed. In fact, some breast lift operations are also performed while placing breast implants for breast enlargement. So a breast lift mainly is responsible for lifting the nipple and areolar position to a higher position, it does not imply a breast volume change. A breast reduction does lift the breast and does imply a breast volume change. To see the steps involved in breast lift surgery and breast reduction surgery, click here.

A woman requesting to have her breast mounds lifted (breast lift) to a more youthful position can be a common request. There is sometimes a misconception that repositioning the loose breast mound will not only result in a higher positioned breast mound but will also make it feel firmer. Unfortunately, breast lift and breast reduction operations do not improve the firmness of the breasts. There is no way to improve the firmness of the breast mound (in the US ) other than using a breast implant (breast augmentation). Patients that understand this are very pleased with the breast lift and breast reduction operations. Breast lift operations allow some women who were self-conscious about their breast shape and position, to feel better about themselves afterwards. Both of these surgeries involve similar risks since they are very similar operations. The risks of breast reduction are greater because cutting away the breast tissues carries more risk than repositioning the breast tissues of the breast lift. Despite this, the risks of breast lift are important to consider. The scars from the breast incisions associated with breast lifts and breast reduction may be similar depending on the techniques used to perform these two operations.

Breast Lifts with Breast Augmentation

Some women requesting a more youthful breast position or breast lift procedure are also in favor of making their breasts larger and fuller. Breast implants used during a breast augmentation make breast larger, fuller and firmer. Combining the breast augmentation and breast lift operations can result in breast mounds that are in better position on the chest wall and feel firmer. The breast lift and breast augmentation procedures result in better positioning and is achieved in two ways. First the nipple-areolar tissue and the breast gland are raised to a more aesthetically pleasing position and the shape of the mound is improved by the placement of the breast implants. Breast lifts with breast augmentation typically require less incisions. The risks of breast lifts and breast augmentation carry the risks and benefits of both of these operations.

Occasionally, a woman will only require a one sided breast lift. This occurs when the other breast is in a reasonable position on the chest and does not require a breast lift. After the one side has been lifted, both sides are usually will have breast augmentations. The end result is both sides have been matched for breast size, nipple position and breast shape.

Prior to any surgical procedure, it is imperative that you have read and understand the consent forms required for a plastic surgical procedure.



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